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About Us

The Rally4aCauseSM Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, was started to connect automotive enthusiasts with like-minded individuals, to create opportunities to give back to various charities, and to share the joy of automotive culture with younger generations. Our goal is that all kinds of automotive events will use the organization as a stepping stone to unite the automotive community with various charities such as the Epilepsy Foundation of America, Shriners Children’s Hospitals and Hear the Cheers, a branch of the Chicago Audiology Society.

With the help of Rally4aCauseSM, the automotive community will raise funds for charitable causes and bring the cars to children, fueling the passion to do good in the automotive world. The automotive world is one where many individuals have found success but haven't found a charity that resonated with them to make charitable contributions. Our ultimate goal is that Rally4aCauseSM becomes a household name in the automotive world, raising millions of dollars for dozens of great charities annually.

To date, the Rally4aCauseSM Foundation has raised over half a million dollars since the inception of the #rally4acause initiative in 2014.

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Our Fundraising Journey

$39,136 - Raised in 2016

$52,550 - Raised in 2017

$77,250 - Raised in 2018

$104,863 - Raised in 2019

$189,484 - Raised in 2020

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